My name is Lauren (Zillah) ( I know it’s a weird nickname, we’ll get to that) and I was born/grew up in Nova Scotia. I moved to Toronto in 2016 for university, and have been living here since. I decided to start reviewing films after I realized I needed an output for all my movie opinions, since I couldn’t bother friends with them forever.

I decided I would start writing for fun, and I found enjoyment in forming my thoughts into full reviews.

With the opportunity to live in a city like Toronto, that loves film as much as I do, I wanted to take advantage of all the things you can do here as a film lover, I decided this website would be the perfect way to enjoy it all to the fullest.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy writing for it!

Why Zillah? 

I decided to write under the name Zillah for a weird reason. My dad was actually the one to suggest it after a christmas day dinner with my grandmother in 2015 ended up becoming a night of looking through old photos, and my dad and I discovered my great grandmothers (his grandmother’s) middle name was Zillah. He thought this name was hilarious, and joked many times about legally changing my name to it. He then mentioned I should write movie reviews under that name, and here we are, a film website with a name based off a dad joke.